College Basketball : All in on the ACC

College Basketball 3/27


Polarizing action in College Basketball was witnessed in the Sweet Sixteen.  Thursday saw all the favorites win by double digits.  This did not carry over to Friday’s action but something else even stronger took over.  Good Morning and welcome to HRWager.  Today we have the Free Picks for the last two Elite Eight games.  Friday night’s trend is all we need to witness to know that not one but at least two ACC teams will be in the Final Four when Sunday comes to a close.

College Basketball : Virginia vs Syracuse

A mixed bag saw the committee somewhat getting it right when it came to including a horde of teams from some conferences.  Big Ten was bounced hard this year despite having a gaggle of good teams in it.  The ACC more than rewarded the faith of the people who do the seedings by owning the Elite Eight on Friday.  Now we have a Virginia vs Syracuse game that starts off the action on Sunday.  Virginia beat the Cuse 73-65 at home for the only time they met this year.  Spread has come out at -8 on the Cavs as action opened up.

How This One Should Go

Syracuse beat Gonzaga because of one main event.  Trevor Roberson had nine offensive rebounds.  Even though they did not win the rebounding war (33-37), Syracuse had good ball distribution and attacked the big men relentlessly.  This is not going to work against Virginia.  The 84-71 win over Iowa State had more of the feelings of a mop up than a nip and tuck game.  They correctly deduced that to keep their early lead that they should run with the Cyclones.  The normally stodgy offensive attack took advantage of the matador defense of Iowa State to ease to the win.

Syracuse has over achieved here.  Trevor Roberson playing up to his potential has helped them.  Alas he will not get his obscene amount of offensive boards here.  Virginia has seen their zone defense and can crack it at ease.  To make matters worse, their own defense is even more stifling.  The Iowa State dismantlement has made us believers.  Virginia minus the eight is your Free Pick for the 6PM game that starts off the action on 3/27.  Good fortune and we will see you later on here at the HRW.


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