College Basketball Tips : Jekyll & Hyde Oklahoma

A team of enormous potential has pinged the HRWager College Basketball Tips’ division.  Oklahoma has a star player and plenty of good results this season.  All this potential has not prevented them from laying some eggs in odd circumstances.  With this Jekyll & Hyde persona, the linesmakers have a difficult time quantifying their performance on a nightly basis.  Here at the HRW, we look to see why the Sooners are so up and down with an eye of catching the odds makers asleep at the switch.

College Basketball Tips : Potential

College Basketball tips

Few teams can storm through the season with the same level of intensity.  A potential 30+ game season can wear down the physical and mental stamina of those university men.  One needs to look no further than the Baylor game to see this happen.

  1. 26 to 3 lead to open the game.
  2. 58-34 went to 68-67 in favor of Baylor
  3. Squeaker win 73-71 by the Sooners.

SO what went wrong here?  Mental discipline is lacking.  One says that you best judge a team not in times of adversity but prosperity.  In an eleven minute stretch, they got sloppy with ten turnovers and just taking any old shot which had them hit next to nothing.  Three point shooting went dry with only four attempted and one made.

What Teams Can Hurt the Sooners

Oklahoma’s turnovers are caused by allowed steals.  283rd in the nation in this stat percentage wise is horrid for a team with such talent.  Combine this with their love of the three point shot and this team can be taken down by the following.  Decent teams that pressure the ball and the three point line.  Their star Buddy Hield was hotter than heck in January from downtown but last month saw his percentage of three pointers made slip by 13 percent. Not only this but his team mates have experienced a similar dropoff.

So do your home work on Oklahoma to fade.  Good perimeter defensive teams with a high percentage of steals will do very well with this team.  Attrition is also wearing them down.  For a national championship run, seven games of shoring the holes is highly improbable.  Now you have the formula so go cook up success with your bankroll.


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