College Basketball Wrap Up for 12/30

Perennial powers took it on the chin to varying degrees as of late.  One school is known for their super strong early schedule made it through it all relatively unphased and had the number one ranking.  Another one has a ton of young talent and opted to be like the Spartans and schedule tough opponents.  They have not done well and already have five losses heading into conference play.  Join HRWager for these college basketball stories as our coverage ramps up for a busy start to 2016.

MSU Misses Valentine

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Star player Denzel Valentine’s importance was seen in his first game out as MSU needed overtime to beat Oakland.  Having some time off between starts did see Izzo craft a master plan to work around the obvious loss of talent.  With their best player out for up to two weeks more,the Spartans laid an egg at Iowa and lost by thirteen last night.  13-1 is now their record were outworked as Iowa still packed their place even with a lot of fans in California for the Rose Bowl.  Truth be told, Michigan State was never really in this and can hopefully tread water until he returns.

Georgetown Down

The mid majors came to town and did a number to Hoya nation.  Georgetown (7-5) enters conference play against DePaul rather downtrodden.  Monmouth, UNC-Ashville, and Radford all made themselves comfortable and went home with wins against the Hoyas.  Having had over a week off, the team went to work against a glaring weakness that one does not traditionally associate with the esteemed school.  Defensive attitude has been quite missing as the young players are under the illusion that they can just ball and beat smaller schools.

HRWager is hopeful John Thompson III will make the adjustments to get this team performing better.  Now is the time to invest in the Hoyas because the models the linesmakers utilize will have them undervalued.  For the next three games, Georgetown will have a high expectation to over perform for those that have secure bankrolls.  Good fortune and we will see you later today here at the HRW.



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