College Football Handicapping : Points for October 3rd

Such as the art of college football handicapping that there seems to be a few lines each week where the linesmakers did their job very well.  The perfect number that not only gets balance from the betting public but causes internal debate with their clients.  While we go on our night business on Friday evening, HRWager will present to you some pivotal points for some key games.  We aspire that this will get a few of you off of the fence and into the betting light to reap the harvest of profit that is awaiting you.

college football handicapping 10/3

College Football Handicapping : 10/3

In conjunction with The Gambling Forum, we polled key members of the site to see which college football wagers ATS they were betting.  Here are their top five in order of strength.

  1.  Marshall (by wide margin over the other four)
  2. NIU
  3. Oregon
  4. Arkansas State
  5. Boise St

Alabama No More

The streak is over.  Crimson Tide fans see their ATS streak snapped where they have been the favorite.  It has been seasons since Alabama (3-1) was any kind of underdog but they are against Georgia (4-0).  The 3:30 PM game sees the Bulldogs seeking to run over a Bama defense that was tenderized by Ole Miss last week.  Greyson Lambert (QB) and Nick Chubb are an upgrade over what the Tide faced last week.  At – 1 , the Bulldogs are the bargain of the day in College Football.

So here are your moneymakers of the moment.  Stay tuned to HRWager as later today we will publish part II of our college football preview for 10/3.  Ponder on why Oregon is going to make a good comeback.  Why are people so high on Marshall?  Finally, keep in mind the bloat Bama still gets with their lines.  Good fortune with your wagers and we will speak again later today here at HRWager.


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