College Football News 7/15 : OSU Trolls and the Swoosh

College Football News and Rumors takes a peek at the lack of respect that the SEC is being given.  Oh it has not reach the level of the handicapper or even wagering so far.  To say that Ohio State with their glut of quality quarterbacks should be not the favorite for 2015 reeks of SEC bias.  Even they can recognize the value in other conferences.  However, shots were fired by the Big Ten whom are feeling their oats these days.  HRWager takes a look at two keys in college football.  Let us look at money and swagger in this edition of HRWager’s College Football News.

College Football News : Invasion of Alabama

Media Day in the SEC is not just a regional but a national event.  Alabama has a quintessential cast of characters that make annual appearances.  Heck, they have almost as many Bear Bryant impersonators as Vegas does Elvis’.  But today a different type of wind blew into Hoover, Alabama.  Mongoloids by the name of Moorer and Rivers are Buckeye diehards that came down from Ohio State country to chirp a little.  Arriving near 6AM, they were not subtle and settled into the front row.  With the last two national championships being outsourced, maybe the SEC might have a few rivals that are not teams in their own conference.

NCAA Football News

Nike, Michigan, and Little Baby Swoosh

A marriage made in heaven made Michigan the recipient of the largest sports apparel contract.  $169 million will the Wolverines net with $80 in apparel and close to $77M in cash.This dwarfs the next largest school which is Texas by almost double in value.  Not only that but look at the recent deal with the Gators of Florida.  The SEC school got less than half as well.  Pedigree and promise get the value up to this level so that we will all see GO Blue from not until the end of time.

So with money and confidence come bragging rights.  All they have to do is now produce on the field.  Better non-con records in football is a must.  Look for the changes to take place and prepare to tail the Titans of this conference for 2015.  Good fortune and we will talk again tomorrow here at TGF.

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