College Football Rankings : Interest Instead of Ability

Preseason college football rankings are more about drumming up business than accurately portraying the power structure for the next season.  Ohio State was a slam dunk at number one but some of the other selections near Olympus are head scratchers.  More of an automatic inclusion rather than how the team will actually do this year.  So let us peek on what programs are relying on their pedigree for an inflated ranking going into the 2015 season.

College Football Rankings : Big 12 Apology

College football rankings


Four teams and five power conferences.  At least one of them were going to be the chair short when the music stopped.  For the initial four team college playoff, TCU or Baylor was omitted.  Now the rankings are using that and stacked teams to put TCU at #2 and Baylor #4.  Almost always, both teams do not retain their credibility all year long.  Another eyebrow raiser was the reliance on the system as a way to uphold a ranking.  Oregon at #5 is the epitome of this.  No Marcus so this is purely faith in the confidence to plug and chug another QB in the system right away.  Not going to happen but a high ranked Ducks team will get the viewers flocking to their second game against the Spartans.


So Who Do We Like?

UCLA at #14 is our favorite to win the Pac-12.  Auburn is everyone’s home run swing in wagering.  Either they take that huge step up or fall flat with another 8-5 type season.  Florida State is very vulnerable so Georgia Tech will step up to fill the void.  Finally, the staff here at HRWager is divided on Boise State.  Most feel they will get the benefits of the polls but the program is still in decline.  They will let you down in the big wagering games.

Here is the Top Ten and the break down in votes.  HRWager will do the research for you this year.  Free Picks to profit by will just be the start on your path to profit.  Remember to take UCLA early out of the gate.  Good fortune and we will talk to you next time here at HRWager’s blog.


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