College Football : Rapid Line Movements 10/5/15

Power conferences lead the way for the rapid line movements in college football that has occurred from opening until end of day on 10/5.  Two Big 12 affairs lead the way.  The favorite run it up school will be at it once again.  Darkhorse Oklahoma has bolted from the gate strong.  Finally, pit the anemic offense of Maryland and make them travel to the Horseshoe.  How bad will it get in this Big Ten mismatch?  Read on at HRWager to see where these lines landed today.


Texas Thumped Again?

Texas in for some more trauma?  It certainly appears that the betting public has taken off from where the linesmakers have set the spread.  -13 has went consistently down to -17 on Oklahoma.  The Sooners visit the Longhorns on Saturday and we become the flavor of the month in the Big 12.  Baylor has played small schools before Texas Tech and TCU needed a tip drill to remain undefeated.  On the other side of things, the Mack Brown days sure were good.  They forced out a legend to get this type of team.  Expect the line to move more towards the -20 level by the end of the week.

Ohio State Monster Spread Grows

Maryland visits OSU and the line here has gone from -28 to -33 1/2 in some markets.  The reason is that the Maryland quarterback situation just strangles their offense.  Daxx should get the start as at least he had some big games when he was at Oklahoma State.  This is more about Elliott going off for a monster game and how many points the Buckeyes can score while holding the Terps under ten.

Baylor Bombs Away

No compunction is felt by a Baylor program that suffered on the wrong end of things for eons in the Big 12.  Now whenever they can demolish a school they will.  Kansas is one of the worst larger schools in America.  +38 is now +45 for the Jayhawks.  With spreads this large, one turnover or a few stalled drive is all it takes for this wager to go awry.  Caution is advised and skip this one for the time being.

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