College Football Review: Impressions From 10/3


Nebraska Learning How to Lose

Hail Marys are soul crushing but they nip even the best of teams from time to time.  BYU got the best of them in Lincoln to give them a blemish in a home opener for the first time in eons.  The newest approach should have the entire coaching staff going back for a math primer.  Ahead by six, the Huskers had the ball at the Illini 27 with 55 seconds left.  Illinois had zero time outs meaning that even if Nebraska would take a knee that the entire field would have to be traversed with fifteen seconds left.  Nope, the Huskers opted to pass on third and fourth down eschewing the field goal.  As everyone knows by now, Illinois made it down the field with fifty seconds left to win.  Mike Riley immediately hung his players by saying the third down call was for a run.  A rough first season and Nebraska should remain a fade for the month of October.

Playoff Projections


People love to predict whom will make it to the final dance.  Four teams will duke it out after a very exciting initial season of the new playoff season.  Utilizinclem2g various search engines, we were able to compile a consensus of whom would make it to the Cotton and Orange Bowl.  Here were the four most popular options.

  1. Alabama (yes they are back)
  2. Clemson
  3. Ohio State (Michigan State still gets the shrift)
  4. Baylor

Right off the bat we see that TCU is now projected to fall against Baylor.  Also with no clear cut contender, Utah would not have enough glamour votes to get the job done from the Pac-12.  The Buckeyes will continue to get in following the trail of Florida State last year.  SCE football is not getting downgraded even after a slew of teams had losses this weekend.

Ironic that a team that is probably better built to take down the playoff can not get the entry due to “pretty points”.  Oregon was a thrill a minute and made for riveting television.  However they could not get it done.  Utah has the workman mentality but lacks for fireworks in a down Pac-12.  HRWager will be with you every step of the way until this situation gets resolved.  Good fortune in your wagering today and we will see you tomorrow.


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