College Football SEC Situations Still In Flux

College Football SEC

College Football SEC time is a lot closer now that August has arrived.  Bama reclaimed their crown but is the SEC on cruise control this year?  Lots of talent but most every school has a key question still not answered as the teams enter final preparations.  Good morning and welcome back to HRWager.  Today, we look not only at the possibility of Bama stumbling multiple times but problems for most of the other SEC schools at a position or two. Let us get down and see if they will be the elite in the Power Five for 2016!

College Football SEC : Tide’s Revolving Door Catches up to Them

Alabama has the attitude that their signal caller can be just about anyone.  Fueled by quality lines on the offensive and defensive side,this juggernaut has done very well with plugging in what they have at the last moment to lead them. This year could be greatly different.  Heismann winner Derrick Henry is gone. Bo Scarbourgh could fill in this void well but one never knows.  However with the Bama offense still not knowing who will lead them at QB, this team could stumble not only once but twice in the early going.  USC on a neutral site to open the season sees the Trojans loaded.  Game three on the road against an Ole Miss squad that has beaten them twice in a row is a definite speed bump in the Tide’s progress this year. While not probable, a 1-2 start is not out of the question for Alabama this year.

Other Key Situations in the SEC

Some other teams have their QB not exactly entrenched as we enter August.  Auburn and Georgia are two schools looking to rebound for 2016 that lack leadership at this position.  Ole Miss has a skill position choice at running back that is going to be key for their continued rise in the SEC.  LSU could suffer from chemistry problems on the offensive line early as they are still not set in stone what combination they will use to start the season. Finally, a stellar Florida defense night have some problems as the Muschamp recruits are entering the second season under a new coach. Jim McElwain would be looking for any reason to get his men in those positions as soon as possible. This could derail the Gators defense for the 2016 season.

Lots of change coming in the SEC. A rumored fall from grace was stopped as the Tide won the National Championship last year.  Still the strongest conference in the land, the pack is closer to them than they have been in a while.  How the coaches handle these key questions have a lot to determine if they will be the elite of the Power Five once again in 2016.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at Scores and Stats.



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