Committee Releases National Semi Final Matchups

According to form it all shook out as the College Football National Semi-Finals are all set.  SEC and ACC saw the strongest teams easily outpace their competition.  Big Ten championship also saw favored Michigan State move on.  With the Big 12 not having a championship, how did it all pan out for them as the committee made their announcements?  Join The HRW as we go over who made it and what the matchups are.

Downgraded but Still There


Oklahoma made it despite not playing the last weekend.  However, they slipped to #4 and get to take on the Clemson Tigers in the first national semi final on the 31st.  Clemson opened up at + 2 1/2 and has seen the sharp action turn away from them.  It is up to a four point spread now in favor of Oklahoma.  Now after a 2014 crushing by Clemson, Stoops hired a new offensive coordinator who installed the Air Raid system.  HRWager will be with us later in the month to break that down and see what influence it has on the early money.

Iron Sharpens Iron

By far the two more physical teams meet in the later game as Alabama and Michigan State tangle.  The prowess of the SEC has earned the Tide a near ten point favorite status.  Spartie has the better quarterback while Bama has an elite running back.  Both teams have hard hitting defenses.  This is more about creating a line to balance the wagering than truth of the game.  Couple that with the history of Big Ten v SEC and the near ten point spread is understandable.  Take a little on MSU and see if you can middle later on.

Oklahoma was the only debatable inclusion over Ohio State.  Defending national champions should get the benefit of the doubt.  Most would also agree that the Big Ten is stronger than the B12 this year.  Alas, this is the make up call for their conference missing out last year.  Stay tuned later on as HRWager will break down both games as they come closer in our radar.

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