COPA 2016 : Ramifications of 2-0 USA Flop

COPA 2016


Host team comes out in COPA 2016 and lays an egg.  The United States was swarmed in the first half by Colombia to the tune of a 2-0 loss.  Group A was pegged as the group of death with these two teams plus Costa Rica and Paraguay.  Now with one of the favorites to advance down two goals in differential, what will the wagering ramifications of this first game?  We will explore this issue today here at HRWager.


COPA 2016 : Three Games on Tap Today

Three games for our wagering pleasure today.  What is even better is that they are spread out so we can savor each moment distinctly.  The other Group A game goes off at 5PM with Costa Rica and Paraguay. Since the opening lines, Paraguay has seen heavy interest and now only goes off near the +130 level.  What the practical effect of the USA’s flop last night will be in the total!  Even if one team losses here, the goal differential will be huge.  One goal loss is much better than the two goals the USA lost by.  Look for a low scoring affair with an under of 2 1/2 being consumed if it becomes available.

Group B Today

Peru vs Haiti should be a mismatch in the 7PM affair.  Some betting on the other two aspects of the three way line has seen Peru go from -200 to -135.  This is great for us.  By going first, Peru has to go for the gusto because they will not know the Brazil-Ecuador match that is at 10PM.  Look for them to push every practical advantage.  2x on Peru to win three way line in this one.  Brazil in the 10PM start has seen their three way line going from -105 to -120.  This is the correct path to profit.  Hope on Brazil before the market gets out of hand.

Fallout from the USA’s beatdown last night will result in a cautious game between Costa Rica and Paraguay.  We have also provided free picks from Group B which starts today.  Stay tuned to HRWager for continued soccer coverage from now til the championship game in the 2016 COPA.


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