COPA America : Costa Rica vs USA 6/7

COPA America

COPA America sees the host nation already with their backs against the wall in only the second game into the tournament.  Good morning soccer fans and welcome to HRWager.  This morning the United States stands as a favorite in the three way line despite being beaten by Colombia 2-0.  Last place in Group A sees them staring up at Costa Rica which managed to draw their first game 0-0.  8PM start at Solider Field tonight.  So which way will the profit point to in this must win game for the United States?


COPA America : State of Affairs

United States fell flat on their face after bragging that Colombia had several vulnerabilities they could pounce on.  At issue was Michael Bradley.  The US captain ceded the middle field on most of his possessions.  In essence, it became a license to attack by the visitors in Game One.  What is cause for great concern here is that the USA’s defense looked really vulnerable to counter attack.  With Jurgen saying all out aggression is to be had this evening leaves Costa Rica in decent shape for their offensive philosophy to ring true.  Part of what the Ticos suffered from in their 0-0 draw was an unwillingness to lose.  They had the advantage of knowing that the USA lost prior so they played very risk adverse to the anger of the crowd.

Fox Sports 1

Broadcast begins at 8PM EST on Fox Sports 1 and Univision.  Here are the odds in the three way earlier today.

  1. US to win -120
  2. Costa Rica to win +330
  3. Draw +230

USA can not afford to lose with rumors of Jurgen’s job in the balance.  If they get eliminated here then there is no high profile event to save him.  USMNT did not qualify for the Summer Games in Rio so this is basically it for the summer.  A red card in the waning moments of the Costa Rica game is more potent than what the US could usher in.  Kendall Waston will not be able to play for the Ticos which could very well influence the outcome on the totals.

Total stands at two goals and this is where the vulnerability for profit lies.  Costa Rica needs a draw while the USA wants a win.  Goal differential plays a part in this as the US much catch up to the -2 they posted in the first game.  HRWager’s Free Pick to Profit on for this COPA America game is the over two goals at -110.  Good fortune and we will see you later today here at the HRW.


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