COPA Free Pick : Colombia vs United States 6/3

COPA Free Pick 6/3


Soccer comes in to the summer sports scene with our COPA Free Pick to start things off.  Big tournament for all of the Americas and one that the United States has historically done poorly in.  Now they have a decent price near +800 to win the whole thing.  USA hosts this summertime event.  So let us deduce some winners here at HRWager starting with June 3rd at 9:30PM this evening.


COPA Free Pick : Current vs Historical

To put this in perspective, let us look at the three way odds tonight.

  1. US +165
  2. Colombia +175
  3. Draw +210

Few no what to make of this game.  Rarely will you see such an even distribution on the three way.  In part it is the pedigree of past performances in this tournament.  Three straight losses which saw the States just score twice.  Also Colombia has had their number owning them to the tune of a 4-1-1 record as of late.  Now we have to balance this against the recent surge on home soil.  USMNT has won six straight at home.  With such conflicting trends, no wonder the oddsmakers are playing such a middle line in this one.

Another Dark Horse

With only Argentina really standing out, Colombia has gained some steam as a darkhorse to win this event.  High scoring attack that has netted them nine goals total in their last three games.  They have used the momentum of a good 14 World Cup and has built the national team up quite nicely from there.  With a clash of such strong teams so early on, cautious play will dictate the night especially on the United States side.  Jurgen Klinsmann is under not so subtle pressure for a good result to help keep his job.

Which team dictates tempo is the key here?  US will slow it down as they can not afford to slug it out against a Colombia team that does well on offense.  Oddsmakers have set this at 2 1/2 with the over getting much plus profit near +130.  This is our clue as the host nation keeps the score down according to the experts.  Look for a draw in this one.  Three way at over +200 for an even game is our COPA Free Pick to open things up.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at HRWager.


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