COPA Handball Bounces Brazil

Wild weekend of soccer ends with a COPA handball that turns the upper half of the draw into disarray.  Good Morning to all at HRWager.  We thought there were ramifications from Costa Rica’s 3-2 upset of Colombia.  That game had nothing in comparison to the fallout from a blatant non call from a handball.  Peru snuck one in late in the game and upon referee consultation, the goal stood.  Now let us see after the dust clears, the fallout for the first win Peru has had over Brazil in 30 years here at the HRW.

COPA Handball : Via Fox Soccer

Little can be put into context until one digests just how obvious or not the scoring play was in regards to the player’s intention to use his hand.

We can understand more than the announcers, the time it took to attempt to get this one right.  Brazil has been experiencing international free fall in the soccer world and this would just hasten their descent.  Usually by the third game in group stage, they have already punched their ticket.  A mere draw would have gotten them through by goal differential but now look at the final standings.

  1. Peru 2-0-1 for seven points
  2. Ecaudor 1-0-2 5 points
  3. Brazil 1-1-1 for four points

Pivotal for USA Twice

First the United States dodged the Brazil bullet by Costa Rica’s 3-2 upset win.  The Americans topped Group A because of goal differential.  Now Colombia does not have to play the traditional powerhouse because of this.  SO after all is said and done.

  1. USA vs Ecuador on 6/16
  2. Colombia vs Peru on 6/17

Brazil bounced is a shame for them on the world stage.  Part of it is their stars fault for a lot of them opted to skip this event.  Clearly a coaching or higher change will be the fallout of this.

What a wild weekend for soccer.  Jurgen can breath a bit easier.  Making the final should be enough to secure his job.  When the odds come out for the quarterfinal, we will have a preview piece for each game.  Good fortune in your soccer speculation and we will see you later today here at HRWager.


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