Cotton Bowl Free Pick : Spartans and Alabama

Iron sharpens Iron but one team will have to falter in our Cotton Bowl Free Pick.  Alabama has their Heisman winner at running back as they take on the top ten rushing defense of the Michigan State Spartans.  This Big Ten team is probably the closest physical match the Tide could get out of any team in America.  Even with their pro prospect at QB, MSU is a pronounced dog in this one.  It has gotten to the double digit mark on the Tide.  Is this warranted is the question that HRWager tackles in our Cotton Bowl Free pick for New Year’s Eve.

Weight + Momentum = Cotton Bow Free Pick

Cotton Bowl Free Pick

Fun fact is that Henry at over 240lbs weighs more than the five leading Spartan tacklers.  Part of the spread of +10 on Alabama is that if they can not haul him down everytime then the jailbreaks will occur.  Even though they have proved themselves so far, people remember this team getting gassed against Oregon in 2014.  Not only that but the lines on Alabama are some of the best in all of college football.  These positions regularly get drafted in the NFL from this school and the Tide has a big advantage in this regard.

Time for Connor Cook

This is not an elite defense but the best in college football.  THey are tenth against the pass but first in sacks.  Alabama has only had a problem with spread offenses.  Last time they lost to a pro style set was LSU 9-6  few years ago.  They are vulnerable to the big play but the Spartans languish nationally in the 70’s in this category.  This will be too much rock em and sock em for Connor to play the dink game in this one.

If you are going to go against Bama, one better have players with afterburners to make the use of space.  The Spartans do not have this.  One month off heals all the dings that their physical style might generate on themselves.  Alabama will win but not cover the ten points.  Look for a very entertaining old school game but take the Spartans and the ten for this one.


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