Detroit Tigers Ejections : Four in Total on 8/27

Detroit TIgers Ejected



Odd occurrences in August such as four Detroit Tigers Ejections could fan the flames of a playoff run for the postseason.  Great to see everyone back here again at HRWager.  For baseball fans, the game on Saturday with the Angles took a surreal tint with home plate umpire Mike Everitt working his ejection arm.  Three occasions caused debates with him utilizing the nuclear option to end the discussions.  What went on and how something like this can provide an us against the world attitude that is used quite often for on the field success?



Detroit Tigers Ejections

Youtuber Rexxyi put together this video clip timeline of the events that transpired.  Watch how two coaches and two hitters get ejected over the course of the game.

The viewers can tell that Viktor Martinez was really upset as he made an effort to put the bat down and his hands behind the back.  Quiet and soft spoken saw him unleash a fury that got him gone.  Another person of the crew had to play the heavy on three occasions and insert himself between the players, coach, and the home plate umpire.

No Way Going to Win

Even though the Tigers lost 3-2, the game was super hard for them to win.  Umpire was notching everything close as a strike.  The last discussion that led to an ejection was perhaps the best.

JD : Having a bad day?

Home Plate : What did you say?

JD : Having a bad day today?

HP : You are gone

JD : Why?

HP : You said it twice!

JD : You asked me to repeat what I said!!

One has to admire the sideshow that this devolved into.  If Detroit misses out on the wild card by one game, they can point to this affair as being an unequal playing field for the game to be waged on.  Good fortune in your betting today and we will see you next time here at the HRW.


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