Dez Bryant : Got Paid and Punks Tyler Patmon

Dez Bryant inks a monster deal and shows the world more of his inner self.  Training camp either got the competitive juices flowing or else there is more to a skirmish with Tyler Patmon.  A situation escalated to the point where both were going to turn their keys to let the missiles loose.  Tony Romo had to step in and this is where we are at with the Cowboys.  What happened and how will this effect the Cowboys going forward?

Dez Bryant : Money Not Mellowing

Dez Braynt

$70M is not going to change the man.  A history of being at odds with players and coaches continues.  Screaming has grown into more as he chucked an object at Patmon.  After it looked like he threw a haymaker at the other player.  All of this because the practice player had the nerve to jolt Bryant in the helmet.  Always being the diplomat, Dez then took Tyler’s helmet off.  This prompted Patmon to launch a punch.  Dez pulled the slot machine lever and unleashed a wild knockout punch.  Witten tried to intervene but Dez laughed him off.

Patmon Get a Hug

Odd bunch this Dallas team is.  After all was done, the coach came over to talk to Dez.  Afterwards coach gave a hug to Tyler.  Jerry Jones was not there but was bemused at the level of coverage this was getting and likened it to a full court press by CNN or something like that.  The over 3,700 in attendance for this padded practice certainly got some vivid imagery for their time watching big D tune up.

Dez knows no bounds.  This is a second year player whose status is in very much up in the air.  Ironically, they both played for Oklahoma State.  Bryant says that this is just the way he rolls.  “You dont want somebody weak on your team.”  A very fine line that we saw with this in the past with Incognito.  It does not go to this level but is more of a weakening rather than enforcing team chemistry.

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