Dodgers Yankees : MLB Free Pick and Steam Alert 9/12

Dodgers Yankees

Pivotal interleague game for both the Dodgers Yankees that is the highlight MLB Free Pick for Monday, September 12th.  Great to see high quality MLB games to start the workweek here at HRWager.  Dodgers are trying to get momentum established for their post season while the Yankees are just trying to get into it.  Highly regarded talent making his second career start has the Dodgers being bet heavy.  See where the line is as of press time and which team should be invested in this riveting 7PM game at the new Yankee Stadium.

Dodgers Yankees : De Leon Another Talent

Dodgers are starting to show the world the blessed young arms they have in their farm system.  Julio Urias has grabbed the headlines but Jose De Leon is almost as good.  Debut in the big leagues had him strike out nine Padres and walk none.  He did give up a two run homer and had a fielding error but overall it was a damn fine performance.  His arsenal should do well against the Yankees tonight.  The change up is a very nice alternative to a lively fastball.  This in part has had an almost pickem game go to the -130 level for the Dodgers tonight.


Yankees Strong Home Stand

Yanks have gotten back into it thanks to a torrid homestand.  Swept the Jays and won three out of four against the Rays.  This has gotten them tied with the Tigers for the team just out of the Wild Card.  Now they get the Dodgers and Red Sox as their reward.  Bryan Mitchell has finally recovered from a toe injury that cost him almost his entire season.  He pitched well against Toronto but does not have fearsome strikeout ability.  Can his knack for just getting players out work against the Dodgers here?

Both teams are hot.  Dodgers have a precarious three game lead in the NL West.  They also sport the better of the two pitchers in terms of upside here. Over achieving Yankees saw their momentum take a dip and here it will fall off the cliff.  Dodgers ML is near -130 and the – 1 1/2 runline is at +125.  Go for the gusto and bet big on Dodgers to have a decisive runline victory.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at HRWager.


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