Edmonton Ottawa : CFL Free Pick for 8/6

Edmonton Ottawa

Edmonton Ottawa could see the culmination of the offensive fireworks that CFL fans have been hoping for.  Great to see everyone here this weekend at HRWager. Before the start of the season, the league offices were aware of the effect that overly defensive football was having in their game. They pushed rule changes through that meant to liberate the offenses. Find out how this is progressing and what the CFL Free Pick of the Week is for this Saturday 7PM start in Ottawa.

Edmonton Ottawa : Rule Changes

The bar has changed so much in this league in such a short period of time.  300 yard passing games are the norm. 60% used to be a good completion percentage and now it has fans shaking their heads in disappointment. Besides rule changes, the ability for coaches to challenge defensive plays puts the offenses over the top.  It magnifies the potential for mistakes and gives the refs reasons to call infractions in line with the new league mandates. So when these two teams and their elite offenses meet, expect the total to be high.

The Market

– 4 1/2 on Ottawa was too much for the sharps to swallow so they swapped up Edmonton enough to drive the spread down by a point. Total’s trading has been fast and furious.  It began at 58 and went up to 59 where it has pinballed back and forth to the starting point.  Out of these lines, the total is where we want to go.  It is the year of the offense and no unit reflects that more than the Eskimo defense.  They can not stop good teams and let average quarterbacks roll all over them.

Very entertaining game this evening.  Unfettered route running with top offenses.  Edmonton’s defense has been phoning it in all year.  58 is a lot to swallow for a total but the play is easily on the over.  Good fortune this evening and we will see you later today here at HRWager.


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