End of Holiday SNF Free Pick for 11/29

Our SNF Free Pick is meant to celebrate seeing the relatives off.  Back to wherever they came to leave your home the quiet sanctuary that it was.  Sunday is back for your enjoyment.  Earn back that money lost feeding the masses that showed up.  You have done your duty and now it is your time.  Sports investment once more beckons and HRWager is here for the rescue.  Denver plays host to the undefeated New England Patriots on Sunday Night Football.

SNF Free Pick : Critical Juncture

SNF Free Pick

While playing for the job might be a tad over hyped, Brock is poised to wrestle the team from Peyton.  This is the moment the franchise has been building to.  Denver has seen the writing on the wall since Peyton’s arm went flat in their Super Bowl loss to the Seahawks.  Now with the Broncos a run orientated and defensive minded machine, Peyton’s replacement can prove that he is worth the job and defeat the New England Patriots.  If he vanquishes them from the ranks of the unbeaten then he might not look back and see the bench anymore.

Edleman out for Two Months

New England only has to survive both missing Edleman and this game in Denver to have a clear skies for a while.  THe last month has seen three games in which teams with legitimate talent were gunning for them.  Bills, Jets, and Giants are all traditional rivals that seem to play their best with against Tom Brady.  Now tonight will not have Peyton but another potent defense to contend with.  Two things have to be stopped.  One is that other than being hurt, no one seems to be able to contain Gronk.  No practical solution has been found to stop him from his touches.  The second is that their two running back system works well.  White is the jail break options while the others provide the power and durability.  Offensive line just gives enough time to hold back the blitzes so that Tom can be terrific in this one.

A total of forty four is low in this one.  Kubiak will throw out all the stops and let Brock sink or swim at quarterback.  His win against Chicago was one of a game manager role.  Denver needs him to evolve into more than that here.  Either he scores a lot or does a few turnovers for quick Patriot scores. Either way the Free Pick of the Day is on the Over 44.  Good Fortune and we will see you tomorrow here at HRW.


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