England Iceland Preview Euro 2016

England Iceland


England Iceland has a Monday matchup after a frantic weekend of EURO 2016 round of 16 play.  Germany was utterly dominant while France needed a half to get going before advancing.  Now the English manager is on the utter hot seat and needs to advance against Iceland to probably keep his job.  The Three Lions are a -495 ML favorite to advance and -182 in the three way line.  Which way is HRWager judging the winds of profit to be coming in from for this 3PM start?

England Iceland : Rooney

Wayne is going to tie Beckham as having the most CAPS in English history.  This storied player has got to start coming through on the bigger stages in the world.  His role has changed.  Used to be that England look to him for scoring.  Now he is the passer in the mold of Paul Scholes mold.  He is going to need all of this as Iceland has one of the most sound defenses in quite a while.  Opponents get frustrated at the wall.  Their counters have gotten them scalps like the Netherlands both at home and away.  Can it be enough on Monday?

Self Induced Pressure

So what does England do as the minutes tick by?  Iceland is freerolling while the Three Lions fans are clamoring for a win. Manager and star alike feel it.  The result will be to go down fighting which is just what Iceland wants.  The English flair causes them to be vulnerable in normal times.  This situation has it where the +1 -114 appears to be utterly safe for Iceland.  The small nation does not have the big leagues like the EPL but they have a care free attitude and dedication to defense that makes them a potent wager here.

If Iceland is to advance, bet the three way line at +785 for them to pull off the upset in normal time.  We advise for the draw at +284 in the three way line.  Also Iceland to advance at +395 is worth your while.  Sorry England but you have folded against this type of opponent too many times on a stage such as this.  Good fortune and we will see you on Monday here at HRWager.


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