Entertainment Wagering : #OscarsForTheGreen 2/28

Entertainment wagering holds a special place in the hearts of movie enthusiasts.  While the Oscars ceremony can be hit or miss, what always livens it up is a wager on whom you think will take home the coveted gold statute.  This year has had a swirl of controversy as #OscarIsSoWhite took to social media and expanded into virtually every facet of society.  Boycotts and ironically more attention will be on this show than in the past.  So get the popcorn, kick up your feet, and discover that is should really be #OscarsForTheGreen for the evening broadcast on 2/28.

#OscarsForTheGreen : The Make Up Call

Entertainment Wagering

Popular in most sports, the make up call allows for a perceived slight or inequity to be corrected.  Phantom calls on the other end are often enforced to regain stability and preserve equity.  The Oscars are no different in this regard except that it takes decades to achieve.  In any other year, Mark Rylnce for Bridge of Spies at +300 would take it down but he is a victim of the make up call.  Sly Stone at -400 for Creed gets it.  Standing ovation at the Golden Globes plus near four decades of development as the Rocky Balboa character cinches it.  Parlay it with everything ele you wager this evening for some added equity.

Something Old and Something New

Cate Blanchett still stuns as a physical specimen at her age.  The two time winner has the better performance in Carol but the academy has to infuse youth into the picture.  They suspect that changes have to be made and this is one of them.  Jennifer Lawrence with her resume and performance with Joy at +4000 is worth a stab to get the popular masses back.  No way that Brie Larson should be -2000.  Not with this competition even though her of a kidnapped mother protecting the son is winning everything in site.

Finally, a longshot with a decent shot to get +650 is Rooney Mara for Carol.  Kate cant get the Oscar for it but this is the progressive story that Oscar wants.  No favorite in the Best Actress is overwhelming so Mara has bang for the buck here.  Remember to get your entertainment speculation in early as the best color for the Oscars this year is Green.  Good fortune and we will see you later here at the HRW.



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