EPL Free Pick : Bomb Scare Rescheduled Game with Man U 5/17

Where do we go from here is the EPL Free Pick theme for March 17th?  The world saw the abandonment of the game between Manchester United and Bournemouth because of a suspicious device.  Thank goodness it was just a misplaced piece of training equipment.  However, it does polarize this game in expectations for Man U.  This has a direct relevance for our money making opportunity of the day here at HRWager.  So get ready to hit password confirm for this free pick as the game starts at 3:00PM today EST for us soccer fans.

EPL Free Pick : FA Cup Looming

EPL Free Pick 5/17

Swansea City did not do Man U the favor and beat Man City .  A tie prevented Man U from the possibility of leap frogging into the #4 slot for the EPL.  So no champions league spot unless they win the FA Cup Final which they have to play in this weekend.  With such a large game looming for them, they will field all the players who normally do not get to see the light of day.  This will be more of an exhibition atmosphere.  A high expectation of both open and sloppy play is to be had in this one.


Do Not Get Hurt

With this being a de facto walkover, how best to bet on Bournemouth?  Here are the three way lines for the game.

  1. ACC Bournemouth +499
  2. Draw +323
  3. Man U  -161

Utter madness to eat this much chalk on Manchester United for a meaningless game.  All the marbles for Van Gaal now rests in the FA Cup Final.  He faces pressure at home to produce but this is nothing compared to this weekend.  Same theory goes for a team way down near 16th.  A win would be nice but to choose between the upset and the draw based on their past production is up in the air.

So we exploit the situation with some safety.  The spread wager of +1 -123 Bournemouth gives us the win even if they draw.  We can not really see them losing by two to a disinterested Man U.  Avail yourself of our EPL Free Pick and bet Bournemouth +1 -123 today.  Good fortune and we will see you tomorrow here at the HRW.


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