EPL Relegation Watch 8/23

EPL Relegation

Besides winning it all, an EPL Relegation Watch seems to get soccer fans all fired up.  The fear of clubs getting knocked down a peg from the big time seems to be a yearly concern for some.  Others are hardly ever mentioned in the same breath.  So who should we be on the lookout for this year to really tank in the English Premier League?  Let us look at that issue right now here at HRWager.

EPL Relegation Watch : Bye Bye Bournemouth

Bournemouth barely survived last season in 16th place.  For a first time EPL team, staying in the top tier is an accomplishment in itself.  Two losses in the first two games seems to have them crashing back down to Earth after one year in rare air.  Lack of talent and attrition will wear them down to the nub by the end.  Best bet to be gone is them in 2016.

Bums at Burnley

Few clubs frustrate their fans like Burnley.  World killers in the lower levels, they even have the talent to do it on the EPL level on occasion.  2-0 win verses Liverpool is the case at hand.  Problem with them is that they go on record saying that they can not compete on a financial level with the big boys.  No transfers to infuse life into the club.  They will wear down.  Hope is a great thing but when management expresses that they are happy to be there but unwilling to spend the resources to stay then it is back to the lower level after 2016.

Two sure fire demotions are coming for the aforementioned teams.  Also to keep a death watch is Sunderland.  Swansea might have been in trouble but the good hire of their Italian coach can keep them treading water this season.  Good fortune in your sports ventures today and we will see you tomorrow here at HRWager.



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