Expert NBA Tips : Spurs @ Thunder Game Six 5/12

NBA Tips 5/12

Attrition very much factors int HRWager’s Expert NBA Tips for the Spurs @ the Thunder for Game Six on May 12th.  Advanced age plus extra effort are often disadvantages a team can not overcome late in the season.  Had either one of the two wild finishes in this series have gone the other way then possibly San Antonio could move on!  Alas linesmakers do not share our opinion of the situation bestowing the Spurs the favorite status for tonights game that starts at 8:30PM.  Which way will be path to profit be found in this key Western Conference game?

Expert NBA Tips : Defensive Exertion

Problem is that a defensive system takes so much more energy to implement effectively than a motion offense.  San Antonio has hit this wall with their older players.  Duncan in particular has been a non factor in the last two games.  Now it appears that the concentrated scoring from the Spurs might be their undoing.  Aldridge is still producing but with fewer points on more shots.  Adams and Kanter can just throw themselves at LeMarcus while other options for OKC keep up the scoring.  This is a tangible advantage both in the late stages of the series and being on the road.

Who Cares about Shooting Percentage?

This sentiment said by Kevin Durant is echoed by all on the Thunder.  As long as OKC are not just chucking any old shot up then their shots will fall for one of their two superstars.  What is the difference is the extra effort on defense by Westbrook!  His rebounding has contributed to the Thunder winning the war on the boards the last four nights.  Extra effort like this has the Spurs looking like the divided team that they are.

Not chemistry but identity is holding back San Antonio.  The Spurs have demonstrated that they will be in good hands when the Big Three go.  This year is a little too late for them to just abandon them.  Spurs have to work so much harder than the Thunder in this game.  Without the typical meltdowns from OKC, the Thunder should wrap it up tonight.  Invest in the OKC ML for that bankroll boost for Game Six tonight.  Good fortune and we will see you on Friday here at HRWager.


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