FIFA Rankings : Slight Change to Power Structure

Funny thing happened on the way to the FIFA Rankings.  A small nation that was a hidden gem in soccer handicapping finds itself in rare air for their nation.  See how the tiny nation of Wales made history for their national program.  Also what other changes occurred in the top ten and outside those lofty height.  Join us at HRWager’s blog for the changes in the landscape that these new rankings caused.

FIFA Rankings : Wales Over England

The Three Lions took it on the chin.  Wales performed well enough to keep their ninth spot in the top ten.  However, two other nations swapped eighth for tenth.  Chile had a very good spring and summer which caused them to go from eight to ten.  England did not have a disaster but alas they did not defend their points well enough.  So they stay in the top ten but barely.  As a result, Wales is the higher ranked team over England for the first time in history.  Congrats to the hard work by everyone on the Wales team.

Fifa Rankings

Teams that We Follow

Discerning the full effects of the FIFA formulas takes a degree higher than I have.  Take for example Costa Rica.  A nation on the rise in the soccer world until their coach moved on.  Now the new regime can not produce a victory.  As a result, CR drops one with Senegal jumping over them.  For the United States, slow and steady progress as they go up one spot to 28th.  One should not jump down Jurgen’s throat too much as the FIFA rankings are generally hard to make rapid jumps in.

So there you go loyal HRWager followers.  With the college football season taking off today, we decided to take a look at another relevant ranking list.  Good fortune in all of your football wagering today and we will see you tomorrow here at HRWager.

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