Fight Night Free Picks for UFC Action on 11/28


Fight Night Free Picks brings you exotic locales to wager upon courtesy of the UFC.  The last few months we have seen Australia, Ireland, and Brazil as just some of the venues where local fighters pit their skills against the world’s best.  This Saturday the 28th is no different as the organization travels to South Korea for some riveting action.  Sit back, let HRWager do all the work and watch the profit plop right in your pocket.

Fight Night Free Picks : Lovely Ladies

Fight Night Free Picks

Watch a challenge for the invader coming into South Korean soil as Courtney Casey climbs into the ring just after six professional fights.  She gets to fight the very able Seohee Ham who is 15-6.  Even though the product from South Korea is at five foot two inches, she packs more power than someone should at her size.  Alas as with most American women fighters, she moves forward well.  Had this been a contrast of styles than Casey might well lose this one but both ladies like to keep it on the vertical.  Take Casey to finish her off before three rounds as the weight and reach difference is too telling in this one.

A Wicked Elbow

Most when they get on top of a fight hold an iota of something back in fear of hurting someone.  Everyone wants to win but few desire to hurt someone long term.  This has not gotten through the wiring of Ning Guangyou.  He has no compulsion in laying off and features wicked elbows and punches once he is engaged in the horizontal game.  This fight against Marco Beltran is ideal to showcase the local talent.  Marco can clock people but will not catch Ning here.  Beltran suffers from a porous defense on takedowns.  Another decisive result and this time do not flinch at the chalk taking it.  The price still has plenty of value.

Good fortune in our Fight Night Free Picks.  Remember this one starts at 8AM EST on 11/28 so get those sporting investments in early. We will see you later today here at the HRW.


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