Final Four Championship Game Preview Part 1 4/4

Championship Game Preview

Good Sunday Morning as we wake up to our Final Four Championship Game Preview here at HRWager.  Last night, we were witness to two dismantlements.  Villanova squashed the dreams of Buddy and his Oklahoma crew.  Later on, North Carolina’s double digit victory over Syracuse felt more academic than impassioned.  Finally, we get a game of near equals.  Our linesmakers have forecast the bar to be at North Carolina – 2 1/2 points.  Before we project whom will come out on top this Monday, let us see in Part One of the two part series how the teams got to this point.

Championship Game Preview : Offensive Execution

How does one dissect a 95-51 game?  The end saw an avalanche of points but the poignant moments were at the start.  You could see the strain on the faces of the Oklahoma players to score points.  Like most of us, Buddy wears his emotions on his sleeve and became visibly frustrated with the blanket defense of Villanova.  Oklahoma had faced a similiar effort against Texas A&M but the Aggies could not score if their lives depended on it.  Here the Wildcats drove the ball and finished at the hoop.  Helter skelter basketball betrayed them and the Sooners were sent packing in a game that was decided at halftime.

Body Blows

North Carolina’s performance was akin to a very skilled boxer’s performance.  Work the inside to soften your opponent for the haymaker.  Most of the night, the Tar Heels went inside for a variety of lobs, dunks, and bunnies a few feet from the hoop.  That the Orange hung in gamely was somewhat admirable as they were being tenderized on defense.  When the Syracuse zone could not take anymore and packed it in tight, North Carolina proved they could hit the three when presented the chance.  The team that is 287th in the land at beyond the arc buckets, hit three three pointers in succession to score the technical knockout.  An 83-66 score did not display the dominance that North Carolina exerted with their methodical inside presence.

9:20 PM 4/4 will see the tip off between these two titans.  Villanova has a better three point attack than Carolina.  The Tar Heels clog up the middle and could prevent the Wildcats from penetrating the interior.  A final worth watching and wagering on.  Come back tomorrow here at HRWager as we unveil of Free Pick to Plunder and Profit With for the championship game.  Good fortune to us all today and we will see you Monday here at the HRW.


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