Final Four : Dome Effect For North Carolina 4/2

Final Fours that are held in domes have had some of the least scoring games.  It introduces elements into modern basketball that throw a monkeywrench into the momentum of the hot teams.  This Saturday, the late game features  a number one seed North Carolina face the Cinderella in (10) Syracuse.  Find out which team’s mindset and offensive philosophy is better able to handle the dome at NRG Stadium in Houston.

Final Four : 30% Missed Shots

Final Four

Massive domes play with the spacial orientation of most players.  One reckons as the further one gets from the hoop, the more errant the shot will become.  In the era of the ever more dependent three point shot, these games will become clankfests.  This translates into teams like Syracuse really starting to suffer from beyond the arc.  Most of the run this spring by the Orange has been based on the three and rebounding.  Without the long range, rebounding will be their only chance in this one.  Alas, North Carolina is rebounding 30 percent of their own missed shots in the tournament.

Hammering it Home

Syracuse is 337th in the country in defensive rebounding.

This has Syracuse dominated.  A front court rotation of four players 6’8″ or taller will propel North Carolina in this one.  Only DaJuan Coleman has the bulk to bang for Syracuse but he is not a regular player as he averages under 18 minutes per game.  This was clearly seen in the two prior games with these schools this year with North Carolina going 2-0.  Quickness and wingspan are also advantages for North Carolina.  This will be an easy win but can they cover a spread that might hit double digits?

Ten is a stigma that college basketball hanidcappers should ignore in this one.  Wagering on the Tar Heels has stalled at – 9 1/2 for this one.  Some are worried about the dome’s tendency to deflate scores.  This will only work against Syracuse as North Carolina will pound it on the blocks without mercy.  Look for a Tar Heel win near 15 points in this one.  Wager on the Tar Heels minus the points for a high expectation for profit in the late game.  Good fortune and we will see you tomorrow here at the HRW.


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