Final Four Preview : Villanova Vs Oklahoma 4/2

Final Four Preview

First weekend in April starts off with HRWager’s Final Four preview.  First on tap is the early game starting at 6PM.  Here we have a favored Villanova squad taking on Buddy Hield’s Oklahoma Sooners.  Nova was given a -1 by the linesmakers with the public betting it to the -2 level.  Find out how a balanced attack might derail the efforts of the player of the year candidate from the Sooners.


Final Four Preview : Wildcats’ Defense

Most everyone thought they had the recipe to thwart Oklahoma.  Drape Buddy Hield with multiple bodies and dare the rest of the Sooners to beat them.  This discounted Jordan Woodward and others who rose to beat Texas AM.  Oregon decided to lay off of Hield and he torched them in the Elite 8.  However, this Villanova defense is an altogether different beast.  They took the multiple scorers of overall #1 seed Kansas and held them under thumb. So how much have they learned from earlier in the year when Oklahoma crushed them 78-55?  After all, Isaiah Cousins had 19 and the Sooners saw Buddy only get 18.  Both squads are playing wonderful ball, so which unit gets the benefit of the doubt in the post season?

One of a Kind

Usually an elite level defense can thwart any imbalanced attack but Buddy Hield is special.  Glen Rice has the almost unassailable scoring record of 184 point for Michigan back in 1989.  Buddy is at 117 points and has three thirty point games going into the Final Four.  He is also that rare breed in the college game that combines the words star and senior.  The Aggies threw the kitchen sink at him and he still almost got twenty.  Villanova should get the benefit of the doubt here but Mr.Hield is that unstoppable force that we all just watch in awe.

A total of 150 is down all the way to 145 1/2.  This is because Villanova really thrives on slowing the pace down.  Almost every advantage goes the Wildcats way outside of Buddy Hield.  March Madness and the Final Four are moments of magnitude worthy of stars.  Oklahoma has the biggest one in the game and will win outright.  Take the Sooners ML and dance on through to the second game of the Final Four with profit in hand.  Good fortune and we will see you later today here at HRWager.


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