First Inning Runs Free Pick : Mets at Nationals 7/20

First inning runs is the path to immediate profit in baseball wagering.  A simple yes or no to the question of will a run be scored in the first inning presents a bedrock of stability.  The starting pitchers are known.  Selective stats based on the first fifteen pitches can greatly illuminate this MLB moneymaker.  Today, HRWager has a strong lean on the game between the NY Mets and the Washington Nationals.  So let us see where the money lies on 7/20.

First Inning Runs : Heavy Ball

First Inning runs


Heat and humidity are a pitcher’s friend.  With a heavier ball, it is more resistant in regaining its shape once contact has been made with the bat.  The additional energy required takes away from the rest being transfered into the motion of the ball off of the bat.  Result is a projectile with less speed.  Fewer home runs are hit in this situation.  Washington is going to be a bog this evening with mid eighties in the temperature with high humidity.  A pitcher that is already on a roll can afford to go after a depleted line up.  This is where Harvey and the Mets come in.

Both Sides Insufficient to the Task

Harvey is the only one rested on the Mets as he was in the next city preparing for this start.  The rest of his tea was in St. Louis battling the Cardinals for eighteen innings.  Having had to travel cross country does not bode well for them. Finally with the Mets win loss record so bad on the road, a slow start is almost a certainty.  On the other side, the Nats got shut down by the Dodgers.  Most of their best hitters are out with injuries or battling nagging conditions.

This is the situation which has NO in the first inning for a run written all over it.  Parlay it with another wager or just consume the chalk and bet it straight.  Either way the NO on the Mets at the Nationals is your First Inning Run Wager of the Day.  Good fortune and we will see you tomorrow here at HRWager.


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