Football Free Pick : Jets at Colts MNF 9/21

Our Football Free Pick looks at a game that ESPN was to use as a coronation of sorts for Andrew Luck.  The mistmach against the Jets was supposed to highlight an elite level quarterback as he picks apart a skeleton of a team.  Odd thing is that Buffalo not only stomped the Colts but showed the rest of the league how to cope with him. Do the Jets have enough to keep it within th seven as they visit the Colts on Monday Night Football for 9/21?

Football Free Pick : Key Limitation


  • 41 games in which the Colts have not had a rusher go over 100 yards.

This is the fulcrum in which the Bills exerted pressure.  Knowing it was basically Luck or nothing, the Bills teed off and kept the Colts under wraps.  What could be the saving grace for this game has little to do with Indy finding a running game.  It is that the Jets are going away from the devil be damned blitz packages that Rex Ryan loves to employ.

Jets Receivers

Careers might be made by the holes that the Colts had in their secondary.  With the exception of Vontae Davis, whomever Indy put in their secondary were very vulnerable to the jailbreak.  WO’s Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker are better than their reputations. Even Ryan Fitzpatrick can get them the ball effectively  Had this game not been in a dome, the Jets could make a real go of it.

Limitations with the Jets offense all rest in their philosophy.  They are still risk adverse despite the ability of their defense to get them out of sticky situations.  The track like conditions at Indy make it too much of a mismatch in which Luck will get many more nibbles at the apple than he did in Bufalo.  Home field is worth much more than the three here.  Take the -7 on the Colts and ride off into the sunset with profit in hand.  



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