Football Free Pick : Miami Visits the Eagles 11 15


Half way mark through the month of November as we transition into the second half of the NFL season with our football free pick.  Our focus takes us to a team in the Dolphins (3-5) that have already gone through a coaching change.  They peaked and now seem to be back on the decline. Meanwhile, the Eagles (4-4) are making strides to claim the NFC East.  Spreads have swung back and forth on the Philadelphia team to the tune of -5 1/2 to – 6 1/2.  How will HRWager call this one for your Free Pick to Profit by for 11/15?

Football Free Pick : Outside the Norm

Football Free Pick

Oddity among the NFL schedules as the Eagles play six straight games outside their division.  A head scratcher for certain but not the key for this game as this is just the start of the stretch.  What is to watch out for is how the tailbacks of the Eagles will do against the formidable defensive front line of the Dolphins?  In a word, this upgrade for Miami has bee very disappointing.  Plunking down the money they did on Suh and company should buy you some protection against being run over.  Not so as they have relented ground to the tune of over 140 yards per game.   This is good news for an Eagles squad that is picking up steam in this facet of their offense.  Look at the 172 yards they cracked Dallas with last week.  Very good performance that should continue this week.

Creating Sacks Against Miami

Pressuring the quarterback seems to be the dimension to get the Dolphins to derail their pass control offense.  Eagles fans have seen their team only get to 20th in the league in getting to the quarterback.  Bradon Graham is showing progress in this dimension as he has taken over from injuries last year to this season’s free agent defections.  His improvement should be seen here with a good game against Miami.

All the cards and most of the variable aspects of this matchup have to fall Miami’s way for them to do well here.  When this happens and you can get a price on the favorite under seven points, then the investment should be made.  This is the 1PM game to plunder.  Wager on the Eagles here – 6 1/2 for your high expectation of the day.



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