Football News : Inspired by Saban

Our football news for today focuses on what it takes to continually pave your path ahead of you.  Most of us have been caught resting on our haunches once in a while.  Past achievements are replayed quite a bit.  While a gratifying ego stroke it is, the pursuit to profit is not helped by living in the past.  So let us see what the spur is that an elite coaching legend uses to seek improvement when he is at the top of his profession.

Football News : Did He Say Eight?

Football news

What keeps coaching legends to the grindstone?  When all the critics disappear, there is still the one in their head that is the toughest to tame.  Nick Saban of the Crimson Tide let the world in on a perspective that is quite shocking.  Even though he has three national championships to his credit, he feels like a failure because he is of the opinion that the Tide should have eight of them.  2004, 2008, and the last two years are the ones that pundits feel he could be pointing to.  So the next time you are in need of a little inspiration to not rest on your laurels, think of Coach Saban, and get up to do the work necessary for the next level.

Next Level

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