Win Half or ALL of your biggest deposit made weekly

Fund your account Monday thru Friday, and have chance to win , HALF or ALL of your biggest deposit made that week, in our weekly football square pool.

• Halftime Pool Winner: Receive half of your largest deposited added to your account, as a FREE PLAY
• Full Game Pool Winner: Receive your largest deposit added to your account, as a FREE PLAY

What if the game goes into overtime? The FINAL score will be the last winner of the pool.

• All prizes will be added to the accounts in FREE PLAY. No additional roll over.
• If a client has a rollover, the original roll over must be completed before one can cash out.

Monday Night Football – Sept 27

Eagles vs Cowboys

MNFLEagles 2Eagles 0Eagles 9Eagles 1Eagles 4Eagles 5Eagles 7Eagles 3Eagles 6Eagles 8
Cowboys 3BTT17903SC14259HRW8614SPR90059ABS35675ABS33672BTT10183
Cowboys 0ABS35106HR7575ABS5708ABS35520TTB10632V20219
Cowboys 6ABS35114HRW11195MEG2294HR7738ABS20850RS11016ABS21467ABS34625
Cowboys 2HRW1796BTT16137ABS27690BTT3336ABS16261RS8032RS6262
Cowboys 5ABS35332V89341RS9916X1497HR9706BTT11211
Cowboys 1V128914ABS35656HRW2306ABS13157V128940BIG50262V106036HRW9678
Cowboys 4HR9918ABS25731ABS34472V20410ABS33764MEG2026ABS23579
Cowboys 7ABS21411ABS10757ABS23004HRW8176HRW9162
Cowboys 8HR9939ABS33933ABS27772ABS34625ABS35667ABS22263MEG2201BTT14752
Cowboys 9MEG2089ABS22969HR9493

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How Do MNFL Squares Work?

The name of this type of pool comes from the 100 squares that comprise the pool’s board. The board is a 10×10 grid of boxes where each row and column are assigned a number from 0 to 9. In offline NFL Squares, each square of the grid can be claimed by a pool member by writing his or her name in the box. At the end of each quarter of the NFL game, the last digit of both NFL teams’ scores is compared to the grid to determine a winner.