Free Pick NFL for Thursday Night Football 11 12

Some nights you get both wagering and entertainment value for your Free Pick NFL efforts.  On November 12th, we get to see Rex Ryan visit his old stomping ground.  He returns home with a new team in tow.  Buffalo gets to see if they can handle the stiff New York Jets defense.  With the home team getting – 2 1/2, how would HRWager bet on this one?

Free Pick NFL : Motivation

Free Pick NFL

Sure the owner could try and rally the troops but there is little chance that the home team will be as up for this as the Bills will be tonight.  While Rex might not feel that he was wronged in the timeframe he was let go in, he still wants to show them they were wrong in letting him go.  To that end, what else helps besides willpower is healthy bodies.  Buffalo has them and the Jets do not.  The running back tandem is going in full force for this one.  When they both play, the Bills average almost two yards more per carry.  Quite the trump card to play when opening up your passing game.

Deep Routes

This is where one team has a great advantage over the other.  Buffalo is near fifty percent in completion rate at passes over twenty yards.  Six TD’s to two interceptions is stellar for Tyrod.  Meanwhile Fitzpatrick is languishing in this department.  25 percent completions at this distance when he had a healthy thumb.  Now the accuracy will take another hit and see his routes even more limited in the vertical nature.  Buffalo has the advantage here as they have to cover less of the field more often.

Adrenaline and drama in an excellent Thursday Night Football matchup.  Having a sports investment ramps up the action for the upcoming weekend.  We at HRWager implore you to hop on the Buffalo ML while you can.  Good fortune with this and we will see you tomorrow here at HRWager.


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