Game Seven : Destiny of Two NBA Teams on the Line

Game Seven

Drama is always present in Game Seven of the NBA Playoffs.  Win or go home finally takes some meaning as truly one teams gets to use their golf clubs early.  On May 30th, the Oklahoma City Thunder visit the Golden State Warriors for the right to face Cleveland in the NBA Finals.  There is more on the line than just one season.  This game will effect the future of two franchises as well as the direction of basketball in the league.  So let us get down to the art of profit on a game where all the marbles are at stake.


Game Seven : Past Patterns

Momentum or the history of the game is where we start with our handicapping Game Seven.  -7 is the most common spread on the Warriors for this 9PM start.  Now one has to decide just how special Golden State is in the history of the league.  Typically, these type of games have been slow in the past.  What we mean is that most people tighten up on the defensive end to limit exposure.  This is not the optimal path to past Golden State success.  They used to be run up and down the floor shooting threes from all angles.  However, this was shown not to work that great against the Thunder.  Warriors had to go big in Game Five to stem the tide.  Now if they continue this path, how vulnerable is the +7 on OKC for tonight then?

Look at Totals for Hint

While the spread has been stable, the total of 219 1/2 has not.  It has been beaten down by one sided wagering to the current 218.  This seems to enforce the opinion that the sharps expect a tighter than normal game pace wise between these two.  Look at the words that local media and bloggers are using for this one in terms of key for their Warriors.

  1. Individual and team defense
  2. Ball movement
  3. player movement

They quote these abilities as to what turned around the series.  Also, these are the key traits that their Warriors must display tonight.

Easy pick.  Go for the under 218 total here.  Big game.  Thunder lose and Durant probably goes somewhere else in free agency.  Warriors lose and their brand of basketball is no longer the hot commodity that most seek to emulate.  Good fortune with our free pick and enjoy this battle tonight.


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