Giants Nationals : Strasburg Market Effect 8/6

Giants Nationals

Two teams nearly identical in the standings meet as Giants Nationals roar into the nation’s spotlight this evening. Both division leaders but the hometown team is near the -200 ML level for this one.  Certainly a big part of this is that it is a Strasburg start.  How valid is his effect in this one?  Where can the profit be extracted for our bankrolls at 7PM?  Read on here at HRWager to find out your free pick of the day for MLB wagering on the 7th of August.

Giants Nationals : Even with Stephen Slightly Off

Momentum for this one is a little odd for Strasburg.  His WHIP is below one for the last three games even though he has given up five walks.  Strikeouts are still stellar at 23 but his ERA is suffering.  Over 3.30 is the result of some concentrated offense against him.  The Dodgers got to him at home but he tamed Arizona and Cleveland on the road.  He is well on the way to the Cy Young but one always has to worry about pitch count and innings with him.  So while a -200 might be valid if he is to be unfettered, performances other than no hitters will see him go a little less deep in games this August.

Giants Side

Buster Posey does well against Strasburg over the course of his career with Hunter Pence performing at an average rate.  In a steambox of a stadium where the temp could be 90 with 50 percent humidity, the ball will travel.  Combine that with the trials of starter Matt Cain as of late.  6.39 ERA in his last three with a below average WHIP of 1.42.  So plenty of angles to attack here for our wagering strategy today.

Nats ML is -214 area while the RL has a healthy 100 point gap near the -1 1/2 -105 level.  Total is on the 8 bar with action pushing the over to be slightly more expensive than the opener.  Nats bettors should only go with the RL.  Giants can go for the gusto with the ML near +185 or the over 8 runs with safety in case Cain blows up.  Good fortune as you choose which team to root for in this 7PM start.



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