Golf Betting on the BMW Championship 9/8

Golf Betting

Both for entertainment and profit value exists in Golf Betting on the BMW Championships starting this Thursday.  Wonderful to see everyone here during the mid week here at HRWager.  Besides the majors, this event poses significant pressure upon most of the lower field in this one.  70 golfers will enter with only 30 emerging for the championship event two weeks later.  With a great degree of variance, where will we pluck profit from this week in PGA action?

Golf Betting : Fade Day

Two trends are colliding for powerful profit potential here.  Jason Day has had a harrowing week.  Family got involved in that car accident and he was not told until he finished the round of play on Friday.  With his place secure for the final event, there is not much to do but tinker with his game at this point.  Compare that to Rory McIlroy.  He did a massive overhaul in changing his putter and putting coach just a few weeks back.  Quite an alteration but it paid off massively with his win last week.  What made it more impressive is that he had to grind away at it.  He is quite a front runner but has had few wins from where he was at last week.

Wagering Card

NBC and the Golf Channel are the tandem that brings you broadcast coverage.  Only unusual aspect with this one is that NBC gets the early action at noon on Saturday because of college football later in the day.  Other than that, the wagering card is simple and straight forward in its proposed logic.  Rory was won here in 2012 at Crooked Stick. We love his prospects against Jason Day heads up for the length of the tourney.  Dustin Johnson has the edge over him in this one but the investor should not pay the same price as Rory against Jason.

Avoid the pitfalls of betting on lower tier talent this weekend.  The fireworks from them will make for great entertainment but will be harder than normal to cap.  Go for the elite in the game this week for the ripest fruit to be plucked from the tree.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at HRWager.


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