Good Guys Wear White Elway Theory

One of the oddities of the NFL is that they just rotate whom the home team is in the Super Bowl.  Even number years, it goes to the AFC and odd to the NFC.  Denver is in the Super Bowl as the home team and was the last time they visited the championships.  Learn how superstition plays in the part of some silly decisions in this HRWager Super Bowl Piece.  Good Guys will wear white hoping for a reversal of fortune in SB 50.

Visibility of Hunter Orange

Only practical application of that Orange that the Broncos wear is so hunters wont shoot them in the woods.  They opted for this highly visible tone for their game against the Seahawks.  It did not help as Seattle saw everything that the Broncos had coming in that game.  A rout ensued in most part because the Seahawk defense exposed Peyton’s flaw for the world to see.  Now fate has given the Denver franchise one more shot with Manning in the Super Bowl.  Of course, GM Elway now opts to wear the white colors going into this game.

Winning Tradition?!


Maybe not winning but certainly not the 0-4 they had with that eye attracting hue.  Denver lost in 77,87,89, and 2013 wearing that color.  At least with the good guy whites, they 1-1 with this neutral color.  One of the more snakebit franchises in the last game, Denver is 2-5 in Super Bowls with them making a record tying eighth appearance.




It has nothing to do with the game but it is interesting to see superstition play out in the highest levels. Rituals with putting on helmets or the initial running onto the field have bordered on the bizzare in NFL history.  While this decision might be entrenched in film lore, HRWager will continue to explore the theory that the Good Guys Wear White when it comes to wagering.  Check back with us tomorrow as we start to look at possible props and the total for this one.  Good fortune and have a great day here at the HRW.

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