Handicapping Skill : Zero in Like Jason Day

Advice extorting to emulate Jason Day is not uncommon these days.  The hottest golfer on the planet took the first round of the BMW Championship by storm on Thursday.  Having multiple wins this year, he was in a zone like few others have been.  Not only in this year but we are talking on a historic basis.  Find out how deep his level of concentration at the task at hand is and how we can all benefit from this in our daily handicapping skills.

Handicapping skill

Unlikely 59

This is the golden number that gets you instant drinks at any bar the world wide.  The low sixties indicate that you conquered the course but hitting 59 is on a whole new playing field.  The PGA Tour has seen this mark hit six times with Jim Furyk being the most famous of the players to hit it.  When weather halted play, Jason Day has a shot at this piece of history.  Forty four yards away he is.  If he can chip it in from this distance, he gets this distinction.  Now here is the side story that illustrates his concentration at the task at hand.  He has indicated that he was not even aware that this number was within his grasp.

Others Had to Tell Him

Of all people, rival Jordan Spieth told him that it was within his grasp.  Television coverage as well as the gallery were focusing on this end result.  Jason was still doing the little things that got him there.  This is what we all can learn.  Bankroll just about to the point of getting that next withdrawal?  Dont even focus on that until all of your day’s wagers are in and maybe not even then.  Set your bankroll goals to be checked only at certain intervals.  Constantly clicking update does little good and possibly harm your investments to come.  Emulate Jason and take each step in its own due course.  Good fortune today and we will talk to you later today here at HRWager.


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