Houston New England Prediction to Open NFL Week Three

Houston New England How much can a system prevail in our Houston New England Prediction as Thursday Night football opens up Week Three in the NFL?  Football Thursday is almost here for one and all at HRWager.  The world will stare in wonder if the Patriots can use a 91st pick in the 2016 draft to beat a defense as vaunted as that of the Houston Texans (2-0).  Brock Osweiler has done well taking the mantle of leadership for this AFC South team.  With the spread opening up with the Patriots only as a two point home underdog, how invincible is the aura up at Foxboro these days?

Houston New England Prediction : Mythos

Here is the mystery that is the machine up in New England.  They have Tom Brady and Jimmy Garoppolo in the folds behind him.  Yet the franchise takes another quarterback with the 91st pick overall.  They must have seen something for them to spend this selection when they still seem blessed at quarterback.  Well the proof of this will come much sooner than they expected.  Garoppolo should be out for two weeks at least and until Brady’s suspension is gone, Jacoby Brissett is the man.  Pretty good arm and has a decent set of wheels on him for scrambling.  However, this is a lot to ask of the man on the short week in the face of the caliber of defense that the Texans bring.

Texans Top Tier

Defense is what gets the Texans their wins.  Brock Osweiler continues to develop in his role with Houston.  It would be a mistake for the coach to let him loose in this game.  Pound the run and dink and dunk down the field.  Let the Patriots offense mis fire and turn the ball over against them.  Conservative should allow them to escape with the win. Texans have moved the line from -1 to -2.  This is logic verses the power of mythos.  How far down the line can they just plug anyone in and produce results?  It can not happen here if the Texans practice some restraint.  Houston minus the points is our Thursday NFL Free Pick to Profit on.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at the HRW.  

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