Online Sports Betting- How to Bet On Golf Tournaments

Golf could be the biggest betting sport in the world if you count the money that changes hands among golfing buddies playing their weekend rounds. Betting on professional golf tournaments at top-rated online sportsbooks like HRWager is a whole different thing.

There are any number of ways to bet on a golf tournament these days given the expanded betting boards at most online books. Things really get ramped up when one of those tournaments happens to be a Major such as The Masters, PGA Championship, US Open and British Open.

Betting on Players Placement

The most popular way to bet on golf is on the outright winner of any tournament with the use of set moneyline odds for every player. This is also a very low percentage bet that is difficult to cash. The return on investment is excellent even if you go chalk on the favorite but anything can happen over the course of four separate rounds in four days.

Other available bets on a player’s final placement in the finishing order are a Top 5, Top 10 and Top 20 finish. The moneyline odds are set lower for these types of wagers but they become much easier to cash. They can also be used as a hedge along with a bet on an outright win.

For example, if Dustin Johnson is a +800 favorite to win this week and he has +115 odds to finish in the Top 5, you might want to hedge a small win bet with a larger bet on the Top 5.

Often times you can find posted odds for the player’s chance to make the cut after 36 holes of a 72-hole tournament.

Betting on Matchups

The best value bet in golf is the head-to-head matchup. This pits one player against another in a moneyline bet. The player you bet on only has to post a lower total score than the player their up against. Odds can be set for individual rounds as well as for tournaments as a whole.

An example of this type of bet would be listed as follows:

Dustin Johnson (-115) vs. Jordan Spieth (+105)

Johnson is the favorite in this pairing and you would have to wager $115 to win $100 he shoots a lower total score than Spieth.

Other type of matchup bets include odds to post the best score amongst a threesome of players grouped together for that particular round. This can also be expanded to a group of four players over the course of a four-round tournament. The odds for this type of matchup might look like this:

Dustin Johnson -120

Jordan Spieth -105

Ricky Fowler +105

Bubba Watson +115


Johnson would be the favorite and he would have to shoot the lowest score of those four players to cash a winning bet.


Betting on Prop Options

As a general rule, the bigger the golf tournament the longer the list of prop bet options. Online books will post a few props for every golf tournament. They could be general options such as the OVER/UNDER on the total strokes in the winning score. They can also be rather specific such as the actual winning margin in total strokes.

When it comes to betting props for one of professional golf’s Majors, the prop bet options expand dramatically. You can bet on options such as the top finishing player from the US. This can be expanded to other geographic regions such as the UK, Europe and Asia.

The total list of props for any Major is only limited by the imagination of the individual online book.