HR Wager Offers Live Customer Support

HR Wager Offers Live Customer Support

Every online sportsbook is more than happy to accept deposits into your betting account. They are also eager to take your money for an actual bet. The big question you need to ask yourself is how receptive is your online betting site to questions, concerns and issues with that betting account?

HRWager has already made a name for itself in the online sports wagering industry. Based in San Jose, Costa Rica, this site has enhanced the overall betting experience for high rollers and average joes since 2014. Over the past six years, the site has earned a solid reputation for offering a full range of online gambling products.

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Sports betting is still the biggest game in town. You will also have fast and easy access to your favorite live horse racing tracks to wager on the daily card. Throw in Las Vegas-style online casino gambling and real money poker play and you have the ultimate one-stop site for all of your gambling needs.

What has really caught the attention of sports bettors and other online gamblers is HRWager’s commitment to its customers. It has assembled a highly professional and highly trained staff of sports betting experts to run an in-house customer service department.

These reps understand sports betting and they also understand how to professionally handle any questions, concerns or issues that may arise from time to time. Old school bettors have a dedicated toll-free phone line to get in touch with the HRWager customer service team.

To stay way ahead of the sportsbook industry curve, HRWager has also added a number of other ways to contact customer service online. This includes email, text and chat.

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This is one of the few online sportsbook sites that have added a Live Help feature to expedite your access to the customer service department. When you first click into, you will be greeted by a Live Help text box. You can simply type in your question, concern or issue and the HRWager Customer Service team will take it from there.

While most Live Help inquiries can be resolved in a matter of minutes, if you need additional help, you will be directed to an individual account manager to further intervene into your situation.

This elevated level of service is why HRWager has remained a top-rated online gambling site since its launch more than six years ago.

When it comes to inquires through the site’s email address [email protected], there is a guaranteed response time of less that 24 hours. Text and chat capabilities are instant. The toll-free number (833-694-4268) is also available on a 24/7 basis.

Through the use of a state-of-the-art internal operating system running advanced online gambling software solutions, HRWager strives to make your online gambling experience safe, enjoyable and fun. By eliminating downtime or long waits to reach customer service, more and more savvy sports bettors are turning to this site for all their action.

Along with a wide array of daily and weekly betting options, HRWager also enhances this experience with a generous promotional incentive program. The are numerous ways to supplement your online betting bankroll with free play opportunities.

This includes a matching bonus offer on every deposit your make. You can qualify for a 10% refund on any net monthly loss through Gambler’s Insurance. You can also earn a steady stream of free play cash on every active customer referral you provide. These are just a few of the ways HRWager shows its appreciation for customer loyalty.


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