HRWager’s Daytona 500 Preview on Futures 2/21

NASCAR always returns in a big way from it’s winter slumber.  The Daytona 500 is one of the crown jewels of the racing world. Besides being entertaining, what makes this event great is the potential for futures!  The models for the new year have not been established yet.  One wants racers that can either take it all down or crash while trying.  So let us look at some of the would be conquerors that can make the Daytona 500 on February 21st profitable for us all.

Daytona 500 Preview : Can Kyle Conquer?

Daytona 500 preview

Kyle Busch had been rubbed raw with criticisms that he could not win the biggest of events.  The Sprint Cup Championship and Daytona 500 were the targets that people taunted him with.  Now with him winning the Cup last year, all that remains to add to his resume his Daytona.  An awful crash derailed him last year.  This time around he still has his youth as well as experience of coming through in the clutch. With him starting in 4th, his price of +800 to win the whole thing, an investment on this line has some positive expectation.

Better and Worse Values

One racer to avoid in the futures and this race in general is Martin Truex.  His +2000 is tempting but his team is in flux.  Also he overachieved with high placements but can not really seal the deal down the stretch.  While he is on the no bet list, others are receiving favorable projections.  Matt Kenseth has seen action and had him drop to +850.  Good value still is there.  Also Brad Keselowski is one to rally in adversity.  We like his big race potential.  He will either finish high up or crash out and burn.  Avoid him in heads up but a future of +900 is worth it because he can come through in a big way here.

A long winter’s wait is almost over.  The Brickyard beckons not only our attention but our bankrolls.  First few races are great for futures as the feel for the field is not yet set.  When it all sifts out, that is when we strike at the heads up matches and top three futures.  Go for the gusto and big paydays by wagering on the February 21st Daytona 500.


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