Kansas City Chiefs Worse with Foles?

Kansas City Chiefs

NFL training camps were rocked with the news that the Kansas City Chiefs are going to win the services of Nick Foles.  Good morning and welcome back to HRWager.  Today, we see the dust settle on one of the more viable backup quarterbacks available as the first preseason game is almost upon us. A few franchises have already seen backups go down.  Others are greatly limited by their lack of star power at the signal caller.  Here we have a move that looks great on paper but has the potential for a lot more damage than the Chiefs intended for the 2016 season.

Kansas City Chiefs : Prevention

By signing Foles, they derail the prospects of the Denver Broncos.  From the vantage point of sticking it to the Broncos then this is a win.  Mark Sanchez leading a team at this stage of his career is generally not considered to be a positive.  Foles would have given them options and at a salary that is agreeable to the Denver Front Office.  Now they are going to have to stay the course with Sanchez to the delight of both Chiefs and Raiders fans.

Alex Smith Anxious?

In practical aspects, this move is a detraction for the Chiefs.  There are two things that Alex is at this stage of his professional life.  A game manager and a player who plays almost every game.  Last three season has seen him play in 46 of the last 48 regular season games.  Unless a bolt would come out of the blue, he is proven himself to be tough enough to handle the rigors of the sixteen game gauntlet.  He had a high comfort level leading and even instructing the backups.  Now with Foles, he gets a rival that is very familiar with Andy Reid.  Last thing the Chiefs should have done is to cause the rabbit ears to start hearing footsteps again.

Kaepernick came and took the job in San Fransisco.  Now we have another situation where the fans want to win now.  A game manager that feels the need to go beyond his ability is a recipe for bad turnovers.  KC might have gotten stronger on paper but their practical chances are on the decline after including Foles on their team.  Good fortune and we will see you tomorrow here at HRWager.


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