Kansas City Miami : Underdog of the Day 8/24

Kansas City Miami

Another line that people can not comprehend is seen in Kansas City Miami which goes off tonight at 7:10 PM.  A Royals team that has won nine in a row.  Marlins are not bad at 65-60 but they have fell from the wild card perch with Stanton out until at least September.  All of that thrown into the equation and Miami opened at -250 in this situation.  There is more behind this mind boggling line right now here at HRWager.

Kansas City Miami : Fernandez Not What He Was

Going to the well are the bookmakers with Fernandez of Miami.  Man used to be invulnerable at home before that big injury of his last year.  Now he is mortal and look at his last three games to see the state of his affairs in terms of momentum.

  1. Has 1.63 WHIP
  2. Over five ERA
  3. 0-2 in last three starts

Not exactly the man shutting the door on the barn when the storms come.  Interesting that the movement is on the Royals with this inflated line but the total is at 7.  Not only that but more money coming on the under. Let us see what the KC starter has for us.

Gee In Same Boat

Gee for Kansas City is in the same boat momentum wise as Ferndanez.  His WHIP is over 1.4 and he eclipses four in the ERA department.  He is back to regular rest after checking in on 8/10 and 8/13.  This is the same pitcher that the Mets got rid of.  We have no apprehensions that he is a world beater.  However with both starters just being average of late, can the Royals just win once in three games that this would be played in.

KC making that late season push.  They are going to go to the matt and try to exhaust all resources to get back in.  Look for a scrappy game.  Maybe the Royals do not win a lot of time here but they certainly win enough to make the +200 worthwhile.  Good fortune with this and we will see you later on here at HRWager.


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