Kobalt 400 NASCAR Preview for 3/6

NASCAR Preview 3/6

NASCAR fans are cherishing this time of year as the motor sports are in high gear.  Building on the momentum of the Daytona 500, HRWager’s NASCAR preview goes to Las Vegas for the Kobalt 400.  Could an unusual weather pattern be a pivotal factor for Sunday?  Who are the favorites for your futures consideration?  Finally, which racer have the sharps already embraced for this one?  Let us get to it and bring you boon to our bankroll for this Sunday, March 6th.


NASCAR Preview : Rain in Vegas?

Sin City out in the desert is the venue for this race.  Not exactly a moisture laden environment so when the forecast has rain in it, people take notice.  A spring like storm slams into the California coast and has such strength that it makes its path all the way to Vegas,  Latest projection is for overnight storms on Saturday into the wee hours of Sunday.  There is very little chance that the race will be canceled but the chance of a delay or two is something to factor into this.  Some of the drivers responded better to impromptu delays than others.

Value Seen In Jimmie Johnson

While not yet the odds on favorite, the future for Jimmie Johnson has dropped to the +600 level. Kyle Busch is your pole position and his price has seen some action dipping him to +700 to win.  However,  the Busch brothers grew up in the area but oddly between them only have one victory at the Las Vegas Speedway.   Kevin Harvick  +450 is the favorite and for good reason.  His win here last year catapulted him into dominating form for months on the circuit.  One can not go wrong in considering him for your futures wagering this weekend.

Finally, one might want to take a gander at Matt Kenseth +900.  He got blown by at Daytona.  Matt comes back in Atlanta to perform well only to have a fueling gaffe by his crew.  His form has been fine.  Does this snakebit driver come through this weekend at the Kobalt 400?  Stay tuned as FOX has your TV coverage for this one starting at 3:30PM race time. Good fortune on your futures and we will see you tomorrow here at the HRW.

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