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Having your primary out for sports investments offering live lines allows my wagering life even greater flexibility.  Friends and I were seated in the bar railing home our Kansas State selection in basketball last night.  During one of the rounds of beer, we got to discussing some of the more fluid situations in the NBA and NFL right now.  Needless to say, these are topics that not only interest us as fans but effect our sport’s portfolios as well.  We require ease of access to peak in and monitor the prices when we get injury updates or valuable tips from associates.  The live lines features from HRWager offers me another tool so that not only can I be more profitable but allows my wagering life to get even easier.

Live Lines :  Seattle

live lines

The world awaits to see if Marshawn Lynch will be back for Seattle against Minnesota.  Not only that but word of how large or small a role he will get to play in Sunday’s Wild Card game.  This is the situation most in flux out of the four football games this weekend.  Minnesota is getting some love by the team acknowledging that Bridgewater is going to get more of a direct role in the offense due to Seattle stopping Adrian in the past.  This is the wagering event that will most be dictated by price.  Now with live lines at HRWager, I can with two clicks get to the current state of the odds.  This is a must invest opportunity in which price you get will directly correspond to one cashing or not on Sunday.

At My Fingertips : Bookmark

Another real world event I am monitoring is Steph Curry’s shin.  When he does not play for the Warriors, their chances drastically decrease during the long NBA season.  With every nugget of information out there, I bide my time and wait until he says he will return and play through the pain.  This is my chance to strike.  A perfect chance to exploit the odds with a unique situation that traditional mathematics can not quantify.  Now with the live lines feature on HRWager, I can look at not only the Warriors but every team’s price in action that night effortlessly.  It stays on my screen and one click of the refresh button to get the very latest offering on my choices that I wish to wager today.

Lightning fast information on the current prices that allows me to make quick and decisive action on the tips that I hear about every day.  Not only that but with all the offerings in college basketball, there will be inaccurate lines each night.  Now with this added feature from my rock solid HRWager, I can glean the information I need even easier.  Wager and win should be what my sports investment life centers on.  Check out the live lines feature now on HRWager as it gets me closer to the goal of effortless money based on my superior sports knowledge.





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