Louisville at Michigan State College Basketball Free Pick

All the makings of a blowout are to be had when two marquee teams square off on Wednesday the 2nd.  Louisville ventures into Big Ten territory to pay Tom Izzo a call.  The #3 ranked Spartans already have an identity while the Cardinals are not only looking for theirs but to play a quality opponent as well.  Tune in with HRWager as we issue a proclamation on the line of – 6 1/2 given to the Spartans in this one.

Triple Double


Why people rank Michigan State in such high esteem this year is by the play of Denzel Washington!  He is averaging near a triple double and is getting early pub for Player of the Year.  Now what makes this Spartan team different is that they have a strong start.  Usually an Izzo squad plays a very tough non conference schedule to tune up for the Big Ten and post season tournament.  They have faltered in the early going but not so this time around.  Already they have impressive wins over tourney caliber team like Kansas and Providence.  This makes the task so much harder for a Louisville team that has played no one as of yet.

ACC Pride

Damion Lee has had a strong start with both his defense and hitting over 56 percent from the field.  With Saint Louis being their strongest foe, this team is an enigma and really does need the seasoning of this game.  To have to play it in the Spartan’s den is asking a lot from a team that could trip the afterburners mid way through the season.

Louisville could take this except for it is bad timing on the schedule.  Pressure does unravel untested teams early on in the season.  One bad spurt and a rout could be had.  This is the thinking of the sharps who battered a -4 1/2 MSU line all the way to -7 in now time.  A slight contraction was for value but it only went back to – 6 1/2.  Cardinal fans are not used to having their team having to play so much better to just keep up.  Too early for such a stern test, take the Spartans – 6 1/2 on Wednesday evening.


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